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  Shenzhen Yingjiaxun Industrial Limited Company, founded in 2000, is an IT enterprise specialized in R&D, production and marketing of computer accessories. It owns such self-owned brands as “Yeston”, “Game ACE” etc, with its products mainly including graphics cards, motherboards and power supplies.

  Yeston means “win the support of people, win the world”. “Game ACE” regards “pursue perfection” as the brand design philosophy, aimed at “making games more fantastic”. Since established, Yeston has been making great efforts to progress and has made remarkable achievements. It owns extensive channel support and loyal consumer groups nationwide and has won users’ trust with outstanding production quality and considerate after-sales services. At present, it has set up offices and technical service centers in Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi’an etc.

  As an outstanding impeller of PC DIY power, Yingjiaxun has been maintaining good technical exchanges and partnership with such world-class manufacturers as NVIDIA, AMD, Intel etc. It has mastered world’s cutting-edge chip technologies and integrated precision process technologies. All original components and parts of its products are quality goods with original packaging. With unique technology, its products show good extensibility, stability and compatibility and very high cost performance. On the premise of ISO9001 international quality assurance, Yingjiaxun’s R&D and production personnel keep on experience inheriting and make ongoing efforts to create products with excellent performance, and the company’s products have been widely recommended by Chinese and foreign authoritative media editors and won awards for many times.

  In the aspect of products, Yeston owns two main product lines – graphics card and motherboard. Yeston’s graphics cards include such series as “Radeon” and “Stegosaurus”, and Yeston’s motherboards include “Freez”, “Plus”, “Policeman” and “Mini” series. Game ACE has two main product lines – graphics card and power supply. Game ACE’s graphics cards are oriented to middle- and high-end game graphics cards; its power supplies include such series as “ACE”, “BEST” and “TOP” , and all of these series have met the international strict certification standards for power supplies, are popular with users and have won a good reputation.

  In the aspect of service philosophy, Yingjiaxun has been adhering to the concept of “Confidence comes from quality, and users’ confidence is the value of Yingjiaxun”. Yingjiaxun has more than 300 distribution systems and five offices nationwide, providing free pre-sales technical consultation, on-purchase guidance and after-sales quality assurance.

  The company provides a broad development platform for each employee, allowing them to face various kinds of challenges with confidence in a comfortable environment and present their own talent in the innovation era! Yingjiaxun people have been holding fast to the goal – to become a world-leading large-scale national enterprise of IT brands.

Great Events

November 2000: Yingjiaxun Industrial Limited Company was formally registered and established;

December 2000: Self-owned brand “Yeston” graphics cards were launched;

September 2001: Yeston motherboards were formally launched;

October 2001: Yingjiaxun signed a contract with LG, becoming the exclusive distributor of LG displays in Guangdong Province;

January 2002: Yingjiaxun cooperated with Taiwan DFI Inc., becoming the general distributor of DFI in China;

June 2002: Yingjiaxun was the first to launch Yeston graphics card – “breathable graphics card” and the “new concept of calmness” manufacturing technology and market concept and received wide acceptance, thus quickly becaming a domestic mainstream brand;

June 2003: Yingjiaxun successfully integrated resources of access, gained favor of LG and signed a contract again with LG, becoming the exclusive distributor of LG optical storage combos and DVD recorders in China;

October 2003: Yingjiaxun launched the “Work-study Program” targeting university students’ employment practice and implemented the program as a long-term project, receiving good social benefits and feedback;

December 2003: Yeston motherboards and graphics cards received the quality certificate from China National Computer Products Quality Supervising Test Center (NCTC) and became one of a few board-card brands obtaining this certificate in China;

December 2003: Yeston was among China’s top 5 for the sales volume of graphics cards;

February 2004: Yeston motherboards and graphics cards were the first to adopt new environmental-friendly inner packaging, meeting the national environmental-friendly packaging standards for the computer accessory industry;

March 2004: The first irradiative motherboard in the world – Yeston “LanParty” series motherboard LP-865PE was launched;

April 2004: Yingjiaxun continued to strengthen the value of access and signed a contract with NEC, becoming the general distributor of NEC DVD recorders in China;

August 2005: Yeston became the silver-medal partner of NVIDIA’s “The Power of 3”;

October 10: Yingjiaxun celebrated the moving of its headquarters to Shenzhen Spaceflight Mansion;

November 2005: Yeston became the excellent partner of the year of ATi;

April 2006: Yeston won the title of “Most Popular IT Brand with Internet Cafes” issued by the “Internet Café Industry Forum 2006” organized by CCID;

May 2006 – Yeston joined hands with ATi, a world’s famous graphics chip manufacturer, to hold the “Brilliant Road - Ati-Yeston National University Road Show 2006” at 18 well-known universities nationwide, bringing latest product information, cutting-edge technologies and scientific market operation and corporate philosophy into campuses;

June 2006: Yeston passed the strict examination and verification of the headquarters of world’s famous graphics chip manufacturer NVIDIA and formally became one of the first batch of authorized distributors of NVIDIA in Mainland China;

October 2006: Yeston formally launched the new era product strategy of “Play Vista with Yeston” and announced that all mainstream motherboard and graphics card products of Yeston had been fully optimized for Vista System and could perfectly support Windows Vista Operating System;

May 2007: Yeston formally launched the “Game ACE” series and became a vanguard in the game product market with its 8600GT;

June 2007: Yeston cooperated with China’s famous game operator Dikool to conduct the “Yeston Game ACE CS Contest at Internet Café”;

July 2007: Yeston Club was formally open to the public, building a bridge between the frontline channel sales personnel and Yeston for their communication and interaction;

September 2007: Yeston independently researched and developed the first motherboard P35 after establishing partnership with international manufacturer Palit, thus laying a foundation for Yeston motherboards in the industry;

December 2007: Yeston joined hands with AMD-ATI to carry out the “work-study” activity at 50 colleges and universities in 10 cities nationwide;

January 2008: Yeston advocated jointly conducting the “Charity Sales of IT Products with Love for Disaster Relief” activity with PConline;

May 2008: Yeston cooperated with the organizing committee of “World Cyber Games” (WCG) and became the only board-card brand appointed by “WCG2008” in China competition area;

July 2008: Yeston cooperated with to participate in “China Joy 2008”, the most influential game event in China;

October 2008: Yeston joined hands with NV to conduct the “OPC optimizes PC” campus activity at 10 colleges and universities in six cities nationwide;

November 2008: Yeston cooperated with Chinese famous network platform QQ Tencent Games, participating in the offline activities of the “1st Game Carnival” held by Tencent Games;

December 2008: Yeston cooperated with ATI to popularize Yeston’s ATI HD4650 series products via World of Warcraft and carry out 1:1 product promotion activities;

October 2009: Large-scale theater party for the 3D film - Prequel of the Monkey King organized by Yeston and co-organized by NVIDIA was held in Shanghai;

January 2010: Yeston announced that it would comprehensively upgrade its board-card product services, for example, the graphics card quality warranty was upgraded to two-year free warranty from one-year warranty, and that drivers and software of Yeston’s boards and cards were updated online comprehensively;

March 2010: Yeston and NVIDIA jointly held training conferences in such 10 cities as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Jinan, Chengdu and Harbin;

January 2011: Yeston joined hands with NVIDIA to conduct the “1st Yeston Game Carnival” activity in Guangzhou;

March 2011: Yeston became the honorable-level (highest level) partner of AMD in China region;

July 2011: Yeston gave gifts with multiple kinds of products in summer, making waves again in July;

October 2011: Yeston’s R6950 (top speed) -1499 for playing hot games went through seven media’s tests and created brilliance again;

December 2011: Yeston’s ultimate mono-core flagship graphics card - R7970-3072GD5 of AMD Radeon series (luxury) was launched simultaneously worldwide;

April 2012: Yeston, AMD and Game jointly conducted the exclusive World Zero closed beta test account issuing activity;

October 2013: AMD joined hands with Yeston to cooperate with online game “The Legendary Swordsman” - purchasing Yeston’s graphics card AMD HD7000 can get The Legendary Swordsman gift packs and the Perfect World coupons;

January 2014: Yeston launched the power supply series products with “Game ACE” as an independent brand;

May 2014: Yeston Joined hands with AMD to cooperate with Tencent’s Asura – purchasing Yeston’s graphics card can get gift packs;

December 2014: Yeston carried out in-depth cooperation with QQFFO;

June 2015: Yeston carried out in-depth cooperation with CS Online 2 and QQ Fairies

September 2015: Yeston and AMD jointly carried out the “Looking for Game ACEs” campus activity;

December 2015: Yeston became a sponsor of graphics cards of “WVA2015 1st World Virtual Arena”;

February 2016: The micro film about the “Game ACE” brand story was on show;

March 2016: Yeston joined hands with Battle Times to march towards the MBA arena.

…Future is waiting for us to jointly create!

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